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Macheo Children’s Centre

Macheo Children’s Centre

Thika, Kenya

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Macheo (sunrise, in Swahili) was founded by Marnix Huis in ‘t Veld and Maureen Kromowirjo with the mission to give children in Kenya a better future. It is managed by a network of volunteers and a few employees. Macheo helps children who have few opportunities.

Their basic rules are:

It is best for a child to grow up in a family situation. They only accept a child if, after thorough investigation, they discover that this is virtually impossible with family or friends.

They consider the individual development of every child to be very important. Even if the child can never be given as much attention as in a regular family, they do all they can to help every one of them to develop his or her individual talents.

The children’s home has created a shelter and a stable environment to 56 children. The education programme supports thousands of disadvantaged children.Various other programmes reaches out to vulnerable children and their families in the surrounding slums. Last but not least, income generating projects are being developed, so Macheo becomes less financially dependent on sponsors and donors in time.

A4C donated 28,000 in 2014. The donations are used for the Children’s home, the Family Empowerment Program and the Educational Program

Catherine Muthoki

Catherine is in class 8. Her performance has currently improved to above average after several talks with Macheo social workers and her house mother. We have also allocated more time for her studies by relieving her of some duties at home. We have also engaged her in individual tuition which she acknowledges has helped her understand more. The other children in the house have also given her a lot of moral support.

Samuel Wa’ngo’du

At Macheo Children’s Home, we focus on ability of individual child in all aspects. These include selecting a school that fits a specific child. Samuel is one of the children who are gifted in academic work. Since class 1, Samuel has been among the top most students in his class. This term Samuel scored 437 marks out of the possible 500 marks. He is obedient and eager to learn. Samuel is also kind to the class mates; he helps the other children in his class. The pupils and teacher like him. Samuel aspires to be an engineer when he grows up. He says that he would like to help needy children in the society to live a better life.

Stephen Kariuki

Stephen is in class 5. Initially he wanted to be transferred to another school so that he can get more time for farming but he later changed his mind. He is now keeping chicken and rabbits in the Macheo compound. He spends most of his free time in the Macheo farm. Though he dropped in academic performance, he has improved alot inhis farming activities and he isvery happy.

We are still encouraging him to do well in his academic performance.

We need your support

With all the projects we support, there is always more there can be done. Perhaps you have something that can be donated that may help them. This depends from project to project but can include: time, equipment, (school) materials, involvement or long term commitment from you or your company. Contact us if you want to help.

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