Project Selection Criteria

Project selection criteria

Our goal is to provide children with the opportunities they deserve by promoting education, safety and promoting development needs. Keeping this goal in mind, we choose projects based on the following six criteria:

Provide alternatives for children

Focus on projects, which significantly improve the chances of children living in difficult conditions in the following areas:
• Education
• Healthcare
• Hygiene & clean water
• Housing and family support


Focus on projects that have the ability of becoming sustainable either financially or through durability.


Our support should lead to self-sufficiency and the projects should not be dependent on permanent funding. Our support should contribute to an entrepreneurial, self-reliant project. We require the projects we select to show personal involvement and commitment by setting objectives and realistic short plus long term goals. Therefore, we aim to support projects for a maximum of three years, although this may be extended depending on circumstances.

Local anchoring

Personal involvement of parents, teachers and the local community ensures the strong and steady commitment to the projects. This willingness is important to ensure the durability of the project and therefore a prerequisite for our project selection.


We require our projects to be fully transparent on the allocation of our funding. The project’s manager needs to clarify objectives as well as short and long term goals. We expect them to communicate regularly through our monitoring reports and update us when any relevant event occurs.

Small scale

We will select small scale projects to ensure maximum added value and impact of our investment. This way we can set realistic goals for the projects we select and have a clear overview on how our funding is allocated. The growth of our funding will lead to diversification among several small projects.