Top Hedge Fund Managers Ponder the “Great Unwind” and Raise Record Amount for Children at Legends4Legends in Amsterdam

Top Hedge Fund Managers Ponder the “Great Unwind” and Raise Record Amount for Children at Legends4Legends in Amsterdam

September 26 2016

Amsterdam, September 23 – The recent inaugural Legends4Legends gathering of the alternative investments industry in Amsterdam raised a record of around 70,000 euros for a single event for Alternatives4Children (A4C), the organising charity, which supports projects worldwide that make a difference to the lives of children in need.

Legends4Legends organiser Marc De Kloe said: “The issue that was clearly top of mind for all investors was how to position themselves for a future “Great Unwind” of central bank quantitative easing policies. In general managers are cautious, but there is clearly still a lot of scope to seek out investment gems. While they were doing this, the participants in Legends4Legends also managed to raise a record amount for Alternatives4Children at the same time.”  

Legends4Legends attracted top speakers from the international hedge funds industry, who gave insights into their investment strategies and the latest market trends. Almost 250 participants from alternative investment managers, pension funds, family offices, private banks and consultants from Europe, the U.S. and Asia, gathered at the EYE Film Museum in a spectacular setting on the north bank of the IJ River in Amsterdam.

Stuart Roden, Chairman at Lansdowne Partners said: “The one real structural challenge I find to what we are doing, especially here in Europe, is the difficulty of finding real talent. With all the focus on risk management and new regulations there are few people that are being allowed to take real risks early in their careers like Pete and I were. I see no evidence that industry size, the growth of passive investing or instant information for everyone would limit the opportunity for hedge funds.”

Alex Roepers, president of Atlantic Investment Management, said the investment opportunities are available as the rotation to ‘value stocks’ has begun and his company is now targeting the rich environment of mid-cap industrial and consumer product and services companies and banks, which have returned to a more solid financial footing.

Harold de Boer from Transtrend commented that hedge funds should not be closet passive investors, but realise that all market risk is ‘active’ by nature and follow the convictions of their own research by having firm price targets in mind when they implement their strategies.

Other legendary speakers such as Philip Green from The Children’s Investment Fund and Ruud Smets from Theta Capital gave their views on finding the ‘Holy Grail’ of investments, along with market outlooks ranging from equities to currencies and credit, and popular perceptions of the global hedge funds industry.

Also at the Legends4Legends event, the first ‘’Winning for the Future’’ awards were presented to funds that excel in ESG, Operational issues and performance. In five categories, there were two winners – the Pioneers (the Legends of Tomorrow) and the Performers (the Legends of Today):

Compliance Infrastructure

Pioneers:  Trium Blackwall Europe L/S Fund

Performers:  Adamas Asian Opportunity Fund

Operational Infrastructure and Enterprise Risk management

Pioneers: CIMA Opportunities

Performers: Gladwyne Master Fund

Corporate governance

Pioneers:  Eyck European Tactical Opportunities Fund

Performers:  Saemor Europe Alpha Fund


Pioneers: Privium Sustainable Alternatives Fund

Performers: Saemor Europe Alpha Fund

Legend of today and tomorrow

Pioneers: Trium Blackwall Europe LS Fund

Performers: Saemor Europe Alpha Fund

De Kloe added: “The awards demonstrate that alternative investment funds need to have an awareness of ESG issues which are increasingly critical in the decision making processes of many institutions. Although the application process can take some time, if a manager has a good operational set-up this information should be readily to hand. They emphasises our message that operational preparedness is as important as investment expertise in today’s world.”

De Kloe concluded: “We would like to thank all our sponsors, in particular our main sponsor Theta Capital Management, manager of the Legends Fund. Without them the event would not have been this big a success. We are happy to report that Ruud Smets of Theta Capital has already given his commitment in helping to make next year’s event to be even bigger and better, developing it to be the prime content-driven hedge fund conference of the continent.”

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