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Tiny Miracles

Tiny Miracles

Mumbai, India

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Tiny Miracles, has one goal: to lift a community of 700 people in the red light district of Mumbai from “very poor” to “middle class” within 10 years.


Tiny Miracles has set four objectives to reach their goal

  • Educate the parents, about life skills (marriage, sexual abuse, etc.) and vocational (i.e. sewing).
  • Educate the children – they send the best students to British private schools and others to Hindi schools.
  • Find a source of family income -through workshops, currently for the designer Pepe Heykoop.
  • Improve the living circumstances -healthcare, AA meetings, and fun activities such as dance lessons. It is essential to tackle of these aspects of life at once to succeed, according to the foundation.

A4C sponsors the schooling costs (uniform + school fees) for 15,000 Euro / year for all the children and finances the homework support.

Health and Nutrition program

83 girls and 52 boys 78% of the girls and 81% of the boys attend classes regularly. We organise sessions on different communicable and non-communicable diseases, common ailments, hygiene, personal safety, family life education, nutrition. We also organise medical check-up camps, general once in every week, rallys on health issues, poster exhibitions, 100% immunisation, we also carry out on going mal nourishment status check-up and provide supplementary nutrition with the involvement of parents. With children we conduct community cleaning campaign once in every month.

Education Program

We aimed at better scholastic performance and preparation for their final exams in school. Weak students are given more attention (we have identified SEN -Special Educational Needs- children last year through a targeted program. A full time English teacher is appointed and students are divided in to groups according to their standards in school and full time teacher conducted support studies for better performance. 16 students attended computer courses – basics in computer applications, this course is given at our centre daily. One day workshop was organised for craft activities by the children for the children. They shared their skills and taught others various items. Daily 5 to 8.30 PM study classes started for the students as at their home studying is not possible due to many reasons.

This is Karishma. She lives with her grandmother as her parents died last year of TBC. She is shy and a little quiet so we always ensure she sits in front of class and during the fun stuff we do..

This is Ganga, another “rising star”. She is very talented and she comes best in many activities we organise. At school she is also doing really well. An issue we are working on is to making her mother thoroughly aware that she has a talented daughter who should definately be educated well to create a good chance to break out of poverty.

We need your support

With all the projects we support, there is always more there can be done. Perhaps you have something that can be donated that may help them. This depends from project to project but can include: time, equipment, (school) materials, involvement or long term commitment from you or your company. Contact us if you want to help.

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