Reporting July & August 2020

What do you do when the world walks on its head?

When the pandemic hit India, the most affected were the underprivileged as their livelihood was at stake: ABC and associated charities started our counter measures to handle the situation (see previous reports) and provide livelihood support. They also ensured that the staff provide emotional support by being in regular touch through phone calls and slum visits. 

Post lockdown of 60 days when the team visited the slums,  taking all personal protection like social distancing, hand hygiene and facemask, they observed that the children were longing for going back to School and even their parents realised the value of the support provided by Vonisha in terms of education and otherwise. The consistent presence of Vonisha team in the community made a huge difference in terms of strengthening the bond with the families and children.

They came out with the concept of ONSITE teaching to address in keeping alive their educational needs and keep them motivated and focussed. It was a calculated risk worth taking as we realised that if they don’t do that, then all the efforts of the past three years in being a catalyst of change in the lives of these underprivileged children would go waste. So onsite teaching became their USP to keep the flock intact and keep going during this unprecedented situation. Thus, all the actions were centred on this. 


The Indian Government does not want to take a chance for this academic year in terms of opening Schools and is letting the management of Schools decide the best course of action suited for them with support from the parents. 

As for Vonisha, the school decided:

1- Carry on running the Bridge program, after school program and the mainstreaming program.

2- The uninterrupted payment of Staff salary, supply of educational material and nutri bars(supplementary food support) will be the crucial support needed to keep going in this period.

3- Start the next year program from Sep 2020 based on the action plan attached (see below). It is important to consolidate the gains and not let the children drift back into child labour, child marriage or get corrupt by anti- social elements.


  1. 91 children.
  2. Out of which 41 parents had confirmed willingness to mainstream their children at a private school and 14 parents agreed to put their children at a government school.
  3. 8 children who are below five years will repeat the bridge Program.
  4. 28 parents whose consent to mainstream their children are yet to be attained .This becomes challenging due to the impact of Covid 19 pandemic. Some of them conveyed that they will confirm once they reach Bangalore back from hometown. There are possibilities that few may not return back to Bangalore .

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