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Kamitei Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve education opportunities for children in rural Tanzania through investments in basic facilities, teaching materials and training, and through the granting of individual scholarships to children who cannot afford to pay for their own education. It is run by Jeroen Hardewijk (Dutch) and Jane Ngwatu (Tanzanian) and is registered as a foundation in the Netherlands and in Tanzania.

Kamitei believes that well-educated and employed individuals can act as a role model for others in the community and become (in)formal community leaders. Education is key to improving standards of living, empowering communities and ending the vicious circle of poverty and powerlessness.

Today, Kamitei supports eight primary schools and two secondary schools. They also have implemented a scholarship program that has already assisted sixty students. In total, Kamitei has reached 3,500 children and their families.

There are two types of scholarships developed by Kamitei.

The Community scholarships offer a two-year vocational training. The former students have recorded an impressive employment success rate in excess of 90% during the past 5 years (70% is the generally accepted benchmark for successful scholarship programs).

The Eagle scholarships support students for eight years, with the goal of completing a university degree for the best students. The selected students have performed in the top 25% of their class without exception, which is a great achievement.

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With all the projects we support, there is always more there can be done. Perhaps you have something that can be donated that may help them. This depends from project to project but can include: time, equipment, (school) materials, involvement or long term commitment from you or your company. Contact us if you want to help.

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