Governmental Accreditation


“We are very happy to announce that Kanaka as of April 28th has obtained the official certificate of accreditation for the “Garment Making” and “Cosmetology” courses!
As a result of the accreditation the Ghanian ministry of education will finance the education of any student that partakes in one of the mentioned studies.This change will also allow Kanaka to be self-sufficient in its primary activities; providing education through teachers, study materials, and facilities.
This step was made possible through A4C’s generous donations, and tireless efforts of the (local) Kanaka team to comply with the requirements setup by the Ghanian government.
The initial accreditation grant is valid for 5 years, after which it will be renewed, if we remain compliant. As a next step the Ghanian school system has listed 400 students that will be assigned to Kanaka on a full scholarship.Please be informed that the school currently is closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown that is active in Ghana.
We expect the school to re-open in August, as soon as the restrictions are lifted.
In preparation of life after/during Covid some adjustments need to be made to the school facilities, separating the minors from the adults.To comply with this requirement we are repurposing the classroom space that is being constructed above the canteen. Moving forward, the minors will be housed in these rooms.Construction is currently still under way. As this work is unfortunately not government funded, we will do our best to cover this ourselves. However any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please find attached a picture overview of some of the work done to obtain the accreditation.       We again would like to thank you for all your help in making this possible!

Kind regards,

Kingsford Frimpong