A4C Featured in AIMA’s first global review of hedge fund industry charitable activities

A4C Featured in AIMA’s first global review of hedge fund industry charitable activities

The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the global hedge fund association, has released the first global review of the hedge fund industry’s charitable activities. This review describes the activities of Dutch charity Alternatives 4 Children.

The 44-page report, Contributing to Communities, gives a detailed picture of the global hedge fund industry’s public charitable activities, from workplace-giving schemes and industry fundraising campaigns for charity to individual examples of philanthropy. The report focuses on the beneficiaries of hedge fund industry giving around the world, including schools, colleges, hospitals, community facilities and cultural landmarks.

Marc de Kloe, Head of Alternatives and Funds at ABN Amro Private Banking in the Netherlands, set up Amsterdam-based philanthropic organisation, Alternatives 4 Children, with some colleagues from the hedge fund industry in 2010. “When we were starting up we had no idea what the feedback would be, so we just held a small cocktail reception as our first event,” he says. “But we found the take-up was really great, and we’ve had more and more people want to join in as we’ve grown.”

As well as a fundraising gala that raised over 100,000 euros for children’s charities in India, Africa and the Netherlands, de Kloe and his fellow founders have rounded up free legal, accounting and communications services from local firms, ensuring all administrative overheads are eliminated and funds raised can all go directly to their chosen beneficiaries. “It’s amazing how much time and effort people will donate once you explain to them what you do and get them on board,” says de Kloe.

The AIMA review illustrates the many ways professionals from the Alternative Investment industry are giving back to society. Alternatives 4 Children will also continue in 2013 with their charitable activities by organizing a special Spring Party Event on the 30th of May this month. Tickets for this charitable event are still available on the Alternatives 4 Children website (

AIMA’s Contributing to Communities report is available to download here:

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About Alternatives 4 ChildrenAlternatives 4 Children (A4C) is an independent charitable foundation established in 2011 in the Netherlands with the aim to involve professionals from the Dutch (Alternative) Financial industry. A4C will support sustainable projects and raise money for charities involved in improving the living standards of children. The foundation is a private initiative of a number of professionals from the Dutch hedge fund industry. Please visit our website ( to learn more about our charity.