Support Kanaka!

In 2020, KANAKA acquired the accreditation for 2 vocational studies.As a result, the school will be assigned 400 to max 600 students on a government subsidy.
In preparation of the new school year on the 15th of September there are however start up costs that will have to be covered by KANAKA, before the first payout is made by the ministry of education.These costs are related to the housing, food arrangements, and relocation of the primary school children (to nearly completed new build on KANAK’s premises).
The total costs will sum up to 15.000 euros 
KANAKA initially setup a 3 year plan to become self-sufficient. Now after 2 years the hard work that was put into executing the plan has started to pay off. 
To push through the final faze the school is working on generating the needed startup funds.Through personal, and contributions from friends and family, they have been able to gather 5000 euro’s so far.
In order to be able to meet our August deadline they will need all the help we can get. They are therefore looking for a charitable donation and / or loan towards the remaining 10.000 euro.
They recognize they are currently facing unprecedented times, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, that has also impacted Ghana and KANAKA.Yet they are also finally faced with the opportunity to make KANAKA self-sufficient, and provide schooling to potentially 800 students and young children in the Ashanti region of Domeabra.

To support them, go to our donation page, 100% of the amount will go to KANAKA.

The A4C team